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Anima Mundi. An exhibition of Carla Rigato

From 2 to 15 October, at the Galleria Statuto 13 in Milan, it will be possible to visit the exhibition Anima Mundi of the artist Carla Rigato.
Anima Mundi: the enigmas that are found in the human hearts, all concentrated on one single concept, the Making of Art. This is the main element of the exhibition and of the artist’s poetical action. Carla Rigato, always concentrated in investigating her own soul and that of other human beings and engaged in exprissing it through her work, now proposes a collection of images which greatest aim is to appear thruthful and realistic to her own eyes rather than real to the world. Wide and strong gestures, a compositive freedom and a pure colour here mix with the light and bring us back to the “here and now” of the present.
The art works’ intense explosions, rich in colour, show the vitality living in humans who find themselves connected in a platonicunicum, with nature and all other living creatures. Every organismis bound to the others by one only universal Soul of the Worls, the Anima Mundi.
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