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Yoga Asana: Meditation in Action

Since Thursday 11th March 2016 it’s possible to take part to the Yoga Asana lesson with instructors Marina and Sabina. The classes take place at Terme Preistoriche’s gym, from 6.15 to 7.30 pm.


Marina and Sabina, from the Yoga Factory Studio, will be proposing yoga “Asana” approach lessons. Everyone may come and take part to the lessons.

The lesson aims to get to know and discover, explore and develop the awareness of the body and to awaken its inner dimension.

Yoga is a mean to gain physical and mental wellness by operating on both physical and mental levels. Through yoga it is possible to dissolve the body’s stiffness and mental blocks.


To attend the lesson please be at the gym at 6.15 pm. We recommend to wear comfortable clothes and shoes (i.e.: track-suit/shorts and t-shirt).

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