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Carla Rigato at the 55°Biennale of Venezia


The well-known artist, Carla Rigato, will participate in two events related to the 55th edition of the Venice “Biennale”.

From June 1st to September 24th, her art piece ELEMENTO INATTESO (acrylic on canvas, 2012) will be present at Palazzo Albrizzi in Venice for the Collateral Event of the 55th International Art Exhibition “La Biennale di Venezia”: Overplay.
Here Carla Rigato exposes with a group of over 40 contemporary artists who work on the relationship between art and crisis. Elemento inatteso represents both the current instability and uncertainty of modern times and a support at the same time illusory and real, representing hope for humanity that, now more than ever, feels lost.

From June 1st to September 7th is exposed MANDALA, an artwork created by Carla Rigato with master Giampietro Cudin specifically for the parallel event at the 55th Venice “Biennale” at the Tibet Pavilion in Santa Marta Congressi – Spazio Porto (Ve).
The canvas, round in shape, represents a special and personal review of the Tibetan Mandala used to maintain a strong focus while praying. The shape of the canvas takes up the circularity typical of Tibetan culture and the repetitiveness of the Mandala. Carla Rigato explains that, together with master Cudin, through this work the intention was to capture the different stimuli that reach pepole day from the outside and to break the mold of the traditional one-center-Mandala by creating one and able to welcome more and more feelings and centers.

For further information please see the web site of the artist Carla Rigato.

    Mandala, 2013, acrylic on canvas, diam. 50 cm

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