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The mysterious case of the Hotel Terme Preistoriche

Halloween is the night of the spirits and souls since the Medieval Ages, when children used to knock at every door and ask for a slice of cake offering in exchange a pure prayer for the souls of the dead.

This year Hotel Terme Preistoriche will organize, during the evening of October 31st, a Murder Party. During the buffet dinner the guests are asked to investigate on a murder just happened.
The title of the Party is OCTOBER 31ST 1952 and the participants, invited to be dressed up as people from the ‘40ies and ‘50ies, will solve the mystery on the two ghosts that from 60 years haunt the Hotel.

The Murder Party will take place during the Black Night organized by Abano and Montegrotto Terme with many events all around the city to learn more, through shows and meetings, about Pietro d’Abano, a philosopher, doctor, alchemist and astrologer. All guests are invited to take part in the events.

For further information and to book for the evening please contact the reception.
The Hotel also proposes a package to who wishes to have a Terrific Holiday!

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