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Our support for women

Help us support women in difficulty together with the Centro Veneto Progetti Donna


In Padua there is a group of women who have been working for years to ensure that violence against women does not continue to be a normality. They are the psychologists, lawyers, educators and volunteers of the Centro Veneto Progetti Donna, the association manages five anti-violence centers recognized in our province and which actively collaborates with all public and private social entities. Together with the five Centers, the association manages also eight Anti-Violence Help Desks in the provincial territory.


Centro Veneto Progetti Donna is a ONLUS voluntary association that offers support to Italian and foreign women in difficulty and involved in situations of violence and domestic and non-family abuse. It was born in Padua in 1990 on the initiative of a group of women to give a concrete response to the numerous requests for help.


The Anti-Violence Center is a project of the Centro Veneto Progetti Donne that welcomes women who are victims of violence. Every day, for thirty years, the Center's vouluntaries have welcomed women in difficulty, listened to their stories, offered psychological and, if necessary, legal support.

Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.


Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Together to help women in difficulty

Special stay packages, day spa packages and gift vouchers will be available throughout the month of March, which include a portion that will be donated, on your behalf, to the Centro Veneto Progetto Donna association.

In addition to the aforementioned fee to be paid by you, Terme PreistoricheI will further contribute to the cause by doubling the amount. The fee that you pay together with the packages and the fee added by Terme Preistoriche will be paid by Terme Preistoriche to the Centro Veneto Progetto Donna.


Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.

In the description of each package, you will find exactly the value of the amount that you will pay and that will be donated by Terme Preistoriche on your behalf to the Centro Veneto Progetti Donna association. Terme Preistoriche, having received your amount, will add the same amount, thus doubling the donation you made and will pay everything to the Centro Veneto Progetto Donna association.


  • With just €10 we can donate a meal to a woman in a safe house.
  • With just €25, we will be able to donate a school kit for the young guests of the centres.
  • With only €50 we can donate a day of welcome in a safe house.