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A medieval town among the Euganean Hills

A few kilometers from our hotel, amidst the Euganean Hills, hides a medieval village: Arquà Petrarca, one of the greatest beauties of the region.


Inhabited since the ancient Romans Times, the town became famous after the poet Francesco Petrarca chose it as his residence for the last years of his life in the late Medieval Age.
Following his example, many rich Venetian families built Summer holiday villas in the village. Along with the house of the famous poet, these are an artistic, architectural and cultural heritage of great importance.
For more information on visiting the poet’s house and village, pease visit the Arqua Petrarca’s Pro Loco website.


The towns has developed on a small hill with allows to enjoy the view of the surrounding Euganean Hills. The village can be reached by car, by public transport or with a short bike ride. You should consider at least 2-3, hours of visit to enjoy the place and to be taste the  local products, such as oil and lavender, not forgetting the “Brodo di Giuggiole”, the typical homemade liquorish wine.

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