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Phytomassopodia®: wellness for the feet

The Phytomassopodia® method is the result of scientific research by Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco. It is the first patented method for general well-being that starts from the feet. It is offered in three different rituals and promises excellent results from the first session as well as ongoing wellness. The “PMP® Mei” method is the sum of the best there is for the foot and is supported by Mei's specific products and a pioneering massage instrument. This modern massage instrument, called Podostrigiles®, has the features of an ancient massage tool once used by masseurs in Roman baths.

50 min. €75.00

Stress-relieving, purifying, and invigorating. PMP is the flagship of all Mei research and encompasses five scientific disciplines: sport science, physiotherapy, podiatry, thermal therapy, and phytology. Handed down to us by the ancient Romans, this ritual combines the use of water, hot or cold phyto-mud, gymnastics, essential oils which is matched with a massage with Podostrigiles®. Are you ready to experience to a new dimension of well-being? Then start ... with your right foot!

25 min. €40.00

Are you an athlete or do you have tired and swollen feet? For the best relief, here is the ideal scientific treatment with toning and energising effects to reactivate circulation, oxygenate the tissues, and re-energise the body. The aroma therapy with Italian peppermint Mei and a massage with Podostrigiles® delivers the classic ritual result in half of time.

15 min. €20.00

Thanks to refreshing peppermint essential oil from Piedmont and a massage with the Podostrigiles® massage tool,PMP Welcome is a ritual that achieves a soothingly calm and revitalised effect in just 15 minutes.

Mei method: the epitome of the best Italian herbs since 1988

Mei is the excellence of “Made in Italy”. Exceptional products and rituals based on natural healing plants provide authentic well-being. All plants are harvested by hand – when they have reached the optimal time, i.e., their maximum maturity and abundance. Only wild growing plants in their natural habitat can be called medicinal plants by Mei. Thanks to this selective “MADE IN ITALY” chain of production, the phytocosmetics and herbal remedies are made from the same titrated wild plants. Ready-made bases or aromatic extracts are not used by Mei. The result is a 100% natural product that gives lasting wellness without discomfort or side effects.

Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.