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Ozone in our Thermal Swimming Pools

To increase the benefits of thermal water and of the jacuzzis, the Chalet Swimming Pools have been recently equipped with ozone jets.

Ozone is a natural component of the atmosphere: before being added to the jacuzzi, the oxygen in the air is compressed and therefore transformed in ozone.

Without alterating the PH of the skin and irritating the organism, ozone has positive effects on the body and mind.
Through ozone, the skin is detoxed and appears more bright: the warm temperature of the water, combined with the jacuzzis and the ozone jets, leads to a turnover of oxygen which purifies the skin pores and obtains excellent results on impurities and spots.
The jets massage the body stimulating blood circulation and helping oxygen distribution, thus obtaining an anti-aging and toning-up effect through a renovation of the skin’s elasticity.
Furthermore, the ozone hydromassage stimulates endorphines‘ release which give a pleasant and relaxing sensation of anti-stress. Oxygenation fights mental fatigue equilibrating the nerves and the sleep-wake cycle.
Because of its mio-relaxing effect, ozone jacuzzis are also suggested to help reactivate muscles after intense sports activities. It is also recommended to mitigate and soothe arthritic pains caused by illnesses or by traumas.

It is better not to take more than 3 continuous sessions. To make sure all benefits are kept, after the bath we suggest to rest a few minutes in order to give time to the organism to catch up and to reactivate blood circulation, furthermore after having taken the bath, it is recommended to hydrate the body.


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