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Thermal steam of the Euganean Thermal Springs

Our spa hotel in Montegrotto has special medical instruments which use steam to prevent or treat acute and chronic disease of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Treatment is performed with the use of aerosol, inhalation, hummage, or nasal irrigation. Thermal steam (containing bromine and iodine salts) has an anti-inflammatory and relieving effect on the bronchial tubes. Inhalation has an antiseptic effect. It also stimulates the ciliary body and mucus dissolution, stabilises the mucous membranes, inhibits inflammatory processes, and eliminates pathogens.

Thermal treatments

Thermal steam treatment strengthens the respiratory defence system and serves to prevent further chronic respiratory illnesses. This therapy is recommended for the treatment of these illnesses:

  • Bronchitis: chronic, simple or obstructive bronchitis, excluding asthma and advanced, complex emphysema, or chronic cardiopulmonary problems
  • Vasomotor rhinitis
  • Chronic pharyngitis: chronic oesophagitis and vocal corditis, recurrent tonsilitis, chronic pharyngitis, chronic laryngitis, etc.
  • Chronic sinusitis or chronic rhinosinusitis syndrome
  • Chronic nasal mucus or respiratory inflammation