Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.


TERME PREISTORICHE RESORT & SPA, dedicated to relaxation and psycho-physical well-being. 

When entering the facility, guests agree to respect these rules, as well as the warning signs that they will find inside the facility during their visit. 

The Management reserves the right to remove anyone who does not follow these rules. 


  • On the official site, click the button “Book pools & spa”. There you can find all the information on timetables and reservations. 
  • If you have a Gift Voucher, you must make a reservation following the instructions that you can find in the dedicate site section or by click here.  
  • In order to ensure the relax and the comfort of all our guests the number of clients present in the facility simultaneously is reduced: therefore, online booking is always required. Access the facility without booking is not guaranteed. 
  • It is recommended to keep the receipt until the exit. The entrance is valid from the time of the entrance to the time of your exit, it is not possible to enter or exit several times during the day. 


  • At the reception, you will be provided with an ID bracelet and/or electronic bracelet if your entrance includes Neró Spa Water Path. We recommend that you wear the bracelet for the whole duration of your visit to the SPA. The bracelet must always be returned to the reception. There is a €100 fine for losing the bracelet. 
  • A bathrobe and/or towel are only provided only when they are specifically included in the entrance ticket and must be returned to the reception when you leave.  
  • You can rent an additional bathrobe or towel for an extra charge and a deposit. You can buy flip flops and other items at the receptions. 
  • Terme Preistoriche loves green so we’re inviting our guest to bring their flip flops from home to help us to reduce plastic pollution and to end the waist of over 20.000 pair of flip flops every year!  


  • When entering the facility, the swimming pool, or the spa area, you must wear flip flops and swimming suit.  
  • During “nordic events” it is forbidden to wear swimming suit in the spa cabins. It is mandatory to cover up the body with a towel or bathrobe in the common areas and in the Relax Room.  
  • Food and drink from outside cannot be consumed inside the structure. 
  • Before entering the structure, it is necessary to change in the appropriate changing rooms. 
  • We recommend not to bring cash and valuables into the facility. 
  • Animals are not allowed to access the indoor areas and the spa. They are welcome on a leash in the park and the gardens.  
  • “Panoramica” Pool is reserved for hotel guests until 19.00. After this time, it is possible to access this area by paying by paying a supplement.


  • Use of flip flops is mandatory in all areas of the facility, except inside the swimming pools and in the saunas where you must enter barefoot. We recommend to pay particular attention to areas close to tubs or showers due to the presence of water.  
  • It is forbidden to deliberately photograph other visitors without their consent. 
  • It is forbidden to run and play ball. 
  • Terme Preistoriche Resort & Spa promotes a healthy lifestyle, so smoking is forbidden inside the facility and outside the dedicated areas. 
  • Only moderate alcohol consumption is permitted. Anyone who abuses this rule may be removed from the facility. 
  • In order to ensure a pleasant stay for all guests in a comfortable, relaxing and healthy environment, we ask that guests are silent and discreet; mobile phones must be set to silent mode
  • We also ask guests not to move deckchairs and loungers from the area where they are positioned and not to leave objects, towels and bathrobes unattended for an extended period of time. The Management reserves the right to remove them


  • People suffering from infectious diseases, skin rashes or open wounds are forbidden from entering.  
  • You are asked to promptly inform staff of any accidents or injuries that occur at the facility, as well as any unpleasant sensations that you experience during the treatments. In order to use all the facilities (pools, saunas, steam baths, etc.), you must be in good health. You are advised to consult your doctor if you have any of the following conditions, so that they can assess if there are any risks involved in relation to your specific illness and general state of health: 
    • cancer, 
    • heart diseases and /or aftereffects of cardiac surgery (by-pass, valve operations, etc.), 
    • hypertension, 
    • epilepsy or seizures, 
    • illnesses that affect your sense of balance, 
    • chronic respiratory diseases (asthma, emphysema, etc.). 
  • If you suffer from any of the illnesses listed above, you are strongly advised to consult your doctor before accessing cabin treatments (in particular for mud treatments, reflexology, massages and exfoliating treatments). 


  • Pregnant women are advised against using the Finnish sauna. However, the use of thermal pools, if not specifically discouraged by the doctor. It is good practice to avoid using saunas and thermal baths until the end of the first trimester and in the last month of pregnancy.  
  • In special situations, such as pregnancy that is at risk or women suffering from ongoing illnesses, maternal hypotension, ongoing infections, etc., you must get specific advice from your doctor


Opening and closing times are available on 
The pools close 30 minutes before the closing time of the facility.   
Various areas at Terme Preistoriche Resort & Spa may be temporarily out-of-service in the event of special circumstances, such as bad weather, private events or technical interventions. Please note that in these cases, there is no refund on the entry ticket. 


The thermal pools are supplied with salsobromoiodic water at a temperature between 32 and 36 °C. Please pay attention to the following warnings

  • We recommend that you do not remain in the water for longer than 20 consecutive minutes. If you wish to bathe more than once, you are advised to spend 30 minutes relaxing between one bathing session and the next. 
  • We recommend that you do not remain under the water jets for longer than 10 minutes and that you position yourself with your back to the jet. 
  • Avoid keeping your eyes open under water in order to avoid irritation caused by mineral salts in the water.   
  • Moreover, since thermal water tends to oxidize metal and silver objects, we recommend not to wear them in the pools. 

For hygienic reasons, it is important to shower before entering the pools, saunas and steam baths and to thoroughly wash yourself with various creams and oils. We also remind you that: 

  • It is mandatory to up-do long hair in the swimming pools
  • It is forbidden to dive, to make loud noises and to play in the water. 
  • Using flippers, snorkels and similar equipment is forbidden. 
  • It is not allowed to take bags and backpacks with you in the pool area. Lockers are available in the changing rooms. 
  • You must follow the instructions of the lifeguards and immediately leave the pools when directed to do so. 
  • Children who are still weak swimmers must be supervised by a responsible adult and the use of armbands is recommended. 
  • Whirlpools are one of the main attractions for guests. So that every guest can experience this feature, we kindly ask guests not to use whirlpools for extended periods of time and, in any case, no longer than 15 minutes. 

We remind guests that the patina on the bottom and sides of the pool is the natural mineral sediment present in the thermal water. 

“Chalet” Pools have maximun depth of 160 cm and minumum depth of 70 cm.  
“Panoramica” Pool has maximum depth of 160 cm and minumum depth of 70 cm. 


  • Access to Neró Spa Water Path is permitted from 16 years old.  
  • You can enter Water Path only with the spa kit provided form the facility and it is neccessary have the electronic bracelet. Furthermore it is necessary to have the numbered tag on the bathrome to avoid unpleasant slinen witch. 
  • It is forbidden to bring backpack, bags or pochette in the Water Path.  
  • Before entering wellness cabins it is necessary to have a shower for hygenic purposes and to prepare the skin. We suggest to remove the make-up before entering the area.  
  • The walkable lake around the cabins it is not swimmable.  
  • In the wellness cabins flip flops are forbidden.  
  • In the saunas is mandatory to use the towel under the entire body.  
  • In the steam baths it is recommended to wash the seats before and after the use.  
  • We advise you to avoid physical exertion during all the phases of the sauna. For more information on the use of saunas and steam baths, we recommend that you read the relevant information boards posted beside the equipment. 
  • We specifically advise guests against bringing jewelry and mobile phones into the saunas. 
  • We invited our guests not to leave objects and bed linens (such as towels, bathrobes) unattended for an extended period of time on deckchairs and loungers of Relax Room. The spa attendants reserves the right to remove them. The request for another spa kit results in the loss of the deposit and the payment of another kit rent.  
  • Terme Preistoriche loves green so we replaced paper bowls for reusable cups. Please return it in the dedicate area. If you like our new cups, new ones are on sale at our spa reception.  
  • We recommend a moderate use of the small towel to avoid wastes.  


  • We recommend booking treatments in advance to ensure availability at your preferred time, by calling the number +39 049 793477or writing to
  • You are advised to get to your appointment 15 minutes early in order to give you the time you need to find your way around and explore our spaces. 
  • We ask you to let us know by phone in the event that you are late for your appointment in which case we will try to provide the full service all the same. Where we are not notified the length of the treatment will be reduced.
  • To cancel or change your appointment please let us know at least 24 hours in advance. For cancellations after this and up to 2 hours before your appointment, 50% of the massage or treatment cost will be charged. In the absence of cancellations within this time period and for no shows, the entire cost of the service will be charged.


  • Children may enter the facility when accompanied and followed by an adult. The Management does not take any responsibility for children, whose safety is under the responsibility of their companions.    
  • If infants require a diaper, they must wear a suitable swimming diaper to access the pools. 
  • Children who are still weak swimmers must be supervised by a responsible adult and the use of armbands is recommended. 
  • Parents are required to ensure that their children respect the tranquility of the place and the Management reserves the right to remove anyone who disturbs other guests. 
  • Guests aged over 16 can independently access the facility. 


  • The management accepts no responsibility for any theft, loss, or damage of personal property at the facility. At the end of your visit to Terme Preistoriche Resort & Spa, we recommend checking that you have all your personal belongings with you.  
  • Any lost objects found by our staff will be kept for a period of 30 days. If they are valuable objects, you will need to present an identity document and provide your personal details so we can return them.