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Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage in Montegrotto at our hotel near Abano Terme will help you to rediscover inner and outer balance, restoring the lost harmony between body and soul. Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of natural medicine handed down into modernity and a great gift from India to the world. The term “Ayurveda” is composed of the words “life” (ayu) and “knowledge” (veda), so its meaning is “knowledge of life” or “the art of living well”. In addition to medical science, it includes elements of philosophy and art and offers a cyclical view of existence by teaching how one can recognise the true nature of man and his environment as well as maintaining balance between the various elements in the universe.

Its features

Ayurveda differentiates between three different life energies (tridosha), each of which is distinguished by the seat of the main body and a specific function: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The normal balance of the doshas corresponds to the state of health, while the imbalance of one or more causes disease. Daily lifestyle, adaptation to seasonal changes, diet, and contact with nature are very important in maintaining the equilibrium of the doshas and thus, your health.

Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.

The advantages of Ayurveda

Through Ayurvedic massage, we achieve unity of the doshas (the basic biological principles of the human being) and release the aama (the physical and mental toxins). Thus, we can create a positive emotional flow and inspire the soul. The effect of massage is not only therapeutic but also preventive as it allows us to interpret, receive, and modify the messages of the body. It slows down degenerative processes, improves resistance to stress, calms the mind, strengthens the immune system and the body's self-healing abilities, helps to remedy disorders related to insomnia, depression, fatigue, menstrual cycle, digestion, tension, and contractions of the spine.

50 min. €75.00

Udwartana is a cleansing massage with an exfoliating effect. Finely ground plant powder made from chickpea, ginger, and turmeric eliminates excess toxins while relaxing and nourishing the skin.

50 min. €75.00

Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic full-body massage that restores the balance between body, mind, and spirit, thus preventing illness. High-quality medicinal oils are heated and massaged in using a variety of manual techniques.

50 min. €80.00

Combine the Abhyanga massage with a final steam bath. The steam not only has a potent relaxing effect, but also dilates the pores so that the Ayurvedic oils can penetrate deep into the skin which deepens their effectiveness.

50 min. €80.00

Warm herbal pouches are pressed onto the skin along the body’s energy lines to ease tension. Combined the Abhyanga massage’s soothing effect, they contribute to long-lasting relaxation and profound well-being.

25 min. €45.00

Pleasant treatment that stimulates the microcirculation of the scalp. It fosters relaxation and mental clarity, enhances sleep quality, and lessens tension. Useful for headaches caused by muscle tension. 

50 min. €80.00

A long head, face, and neck massage with a final application of Shirodara oil. Provides rich relaxation, acts on the sixth and seventh chakra and rebalances the energy equilibrium. The final forehead oil pour is an unforgettable memory and promises lifelong well-being. 

80 min. €110.00

This treatment merges the benefits of the Abhyanga massage with those of Shirodara. The warm oil poured on the sixth chakra induces an even deeper and more penetrating relaxation. It is the pinnacle of the Ayurvedic experience and embodies the engaging ability to remove all tension and bring the recipient back into communication with their highest self. 

50 min. €70.00

The facial that begins with a gentle exfoliation with natural products expertly formulated for specific cleansing. After cleansing, a massage is performed to stimulate the energetic response of the marma points of the face with moisturising creams. This gives the face a radiant appearance and intense relaxation. When the active ingredients are applied, the head is massaged with a special Ayurvedic oil.