Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
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Five exclusive rituals for a unique feel-good experience

Leave everyday stress behind, forget your life’s hectic pace, and welcome moments of undisturbed well-being. NERÓ SPA NEW EXPERIENCE is our motto. To ensure holistic well-being, we use a combination of thermal water and healing mud from the Euganean Hills, elite phytocosmetic products and treatments, as well as ancient traditional rituals. In our hotel and spa near Abano Terme, you can choose between five exclusive rituals specially created by experts. UNICO, ORIGIN, ULISSE, MORFEO, and INTRECCIO will make your stay an unforgettable memory. The rituals promise ultra-relaxation, renewed strength and energy, deep and restful sleep, and wonderful memories with your loved ones.

25 min. €40.00

Gently let yourself go into a total relaxation dimension. In just 25 minutes this ritual will enable you to free yourself of stress and enjoy an ultra pleasant sensation of relaxation in the warm embrace of Neró Spa’s exclusive fragrance.
Technique: aromatherapy, acupressure, foot reflexology, head massage.

80 min. €120.00

Let yourself go to the deep down modelling effects of Terme Euganee DOC muds, a precious natural substance. The intensity and pleasure of this ritual will give you atavic sensations of contact with the earth, profound equilibrium. Finally purified, your organism will benefit from the free flow of renewed energy.
Techniques used: brushing, muds, ozonised balneotherapy, drainage massage.

50 min. €80.00

Outside the sun has already set. It’s time to leave the stresses and strains of the day behind and rediscover peace and quiet in rest. Close your eyes and let yourself go to a long refreshing sleep cocooned in soft, freshly ironed sheets. Offered after sunset only, this ritual gets all your senses working, giving you a truly one-of-a-kind regeneration experience.
Techniques used: aromatherapy, body brushing, relaxing massage.

50 min. €80.00

Free your vital fluids, increase your energy and give yourself 50 minutes of intense wellbeing.  After a long day at work or a long journey, when you need to recharge your batteries, give yourself a boost with this energising and reactivating ritual.
Techniques used: aromatherapy, tension relieving and energising massage.

120 min. €270.00

Give your partner that most precious of gifts: time spent together. This two-hour-long ritual gives you plenty of time to talk and share in an unhurried way. It is time spent on treating yourself and your loved one, in the cosy and exclusive environment of the Private Spa, to relaxing massages based on Neró Spa’s original products.
Techniques used: peeling, aromatherapy, hydromassage, relaxing massage.

Week days: 270.00 euros
Weekends*: 300.00 euros

* Fridays from 7 p.m.

50 min. €80.00

Frangipane’s sweet fragrance melds with Oriental medicine’s know-how and wisdom, breathing life into an experience which soothes your mind and frees you of stress, melting away tensions to get your vital energies flowing once again.
Techniques: aromatherapy, acupressure, drainage massage and tension-relieving massage.

Special seasonal rituals

Neró Spa rituals for every season


For personal relaxation, it’s important to follow seasonal rhythms. Because pf this, our spa experts are constantly creating new rituals that guarantee a unique sense of well-being. Let the scents and moods of the seasons uplift you and see what our rituals can do for you!

Massage alchemy: the customisable massage

Just as an alchemist would mix elements to obtain gold, we mix everything you would need to relax. You decide the details of your massage: duration and aroma, intensity and music. Visit us to discover the versatility of our massages!

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