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Trails through Colli Euganei that lead to your heart

The trails in the Euganean hills – which are suitable for both hikers and bikers – lead you through the regional park and are easily reachable from the city of Padova. Hikes in Abano Terme have never been easier! If you decide to spend your holiday in our resort, you will have the opportunity to combine moments of well-being and relaxation thanks to our numerous treatments and thermal pools in Montegrotto with physical activities for every taste and for all ages. With us, being active is easy: indoors in our hotel or outdoors on the trails in – the choice is yours.

Indoor activities

In addition to the enchanting hikes through the Euganean hills in Montegrotto Terme and biking tours that await you in the open air, our resort impresses with a wide range of activities that will help you keep your body in perfect shape and stay healthy. Our classes include Iyengar yoga and Auto Shiatsu, water aerobics for pregnant women, aqua aerobics classes, swimming lessons for babies, and much more. One of the fitness highlights of our hotel in Montegrotto Terme are our CrossFit classes, for those who want to tone their body. All activities, except for CrossFit and individual training lessons, are free for resort guests.

Our fitness offers at a glance

Some of our courses in detail:

Iyengar® Yoga

This course is designed for you to discover, explore, and deepen body awareness. Yoga is the perfect tool to obtain physical and mental well-being. In Iyengar® Yoga, the focus is on the alignment and symmetry of the yoga pose, the precision of your practice, as well as the sequence and duration of the positions. The exercises have an overall beneficial effect on physical, organic, physiological, emotional, and mental levels.

Iyengar® Yoga is not a competitive sport and can be practiced by people of all ages. Classes take place every Thursday from 6.15 to 7.30 p.m. in the fitness area of Terme Preistoriche. Comfortable clothing is recommended for the class.

Swimming with newborns & babies

Participate in swimming courses for newborns and babies as well as infants from three months to three years at the ‘Chalet pool’ on Thursday and Saturday mornings from September to June. The lessons are approximately 45 minutes long and are conducted in the presence of one or both parents along with a professional guide. The exercises, carried out by a professional guide, promote and enhance your child's development.

This activity is recommended upon the completion of routine medical visits and compulsory vaccinations. The courses are held upon request.

Water aerobics

In our ‘Chalet pool’, you can participate in water aerobics classes free of charge. Water aerobics is an enjoyable and versatile sport which is performed in the thermal pools with flowing dance movements. The movement resistance of the thermal water has the beneficial effect of training and toning the muscles. Water aerobics is also recommended for people with joint issues or disorders.

We await you daily from Monday to Friday from 3.30 to 5 p.m. for training. Afterwards, relax comfortably in the neck flush as well as in the ‘Ozone-Whirlpools’.

The programme may vary (classes are suspended for public holidays). The evening ticket is sufficient for participation in classes.

Self-Shiatsu and Do-in

The Japanese word shiatsu refers to the typical manual therapy of “finger pressure’’ and Japanese medicine calls this oriental osteopathy. The aim of shiatsu is to restore the correct circulation of the vital energy in the body as well as to reduce stress and stimulate the immune system. Do-in means “the introduction of external life forces into one’s own physical and spiritual being’’. The aim of Do-in is self-healing through self-awareness and the stimulation of the body’s circulation though acupressure, massage, breathing, meditation, and stretching.

Every Friday afternoon from 6 to 6.45 p.m., you can participate in the Self-Shiatsu and Do-in classes in the pool area free of charge. Comfortable clothing is recommended (i.e., T-shirts and shorts).