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The extraction of Thermal Water

How does the extraction of water from the Euganean Thermal Basin, the largest thermal basin in Europe, occur? And how does the water get into our hot spring water swimming pools and thermal mud pits, where it effects the thermal mud maturation and operates on the development of cyanobacteria?


The geological formation of the Euganean Hills, occurred by solid masses of lava and characterized by layers and stratums in the ground due to volcanic activity occurred in the area millions of years ago, acts as an impermeable dam for the water coming underground from the Vicenza Prealps.
This “natural dam” collects water in a natural basin in the subsoil of the Euganean Hills, out of where it once used to emerge naturally, with no other interference.
Today, the thermal infrastructures of the Euganean basin use wells to collect the hot thermal spring water. These normally enter in the ground and reach a depth of about 500 meters; water is pushed out and into the thermal establishments through an electric pump.


When water reaches the surface, the average temperature is about 75° C therefore, before being used in the swimming pools, the extracted water is cooled down.


The amount of thermal water withdrawn are controlled by regional regulations which make sure that the extraction is made in full compliance with the laws and only for treatment purposes.

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