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Thermal Mud European Patent

Terme Euganee’s mud is the only product to be today, acknowledged with a European patent that guarantees its medical effectiveness. The European Union recognizes the anti-inflammatory properties and the quality of our therapeutic mud, a completely natural product, as equivalent to those of the drugs on the market and admits the medical use of the mud, which furthermore does not have gastrointestinal side effects typical of chemical drugs.

The therapeutic effects of mud therapy – an increase of anti-oxidant defenses, a cellular inflammation reduction, the protection of the joints and of their cartilage, a minor bone-mass loss, an increase of endorphins  and a reduction in pain – are now certified by extra-national documents. Thermal mud has been the object of several scientific studies. The scientific researches done by the Venetian Thermal Studies Center “Pietro d’Abano” has lead to the acknowledgement and classification of the Euganean mud as a natural medication. The anti-inflammatory properties of thermal Euganean mud are given by the presence of a particular microorganism which is naturally created in this particular mud during the maturation process in the thermal centers. The cyanobacterium, Phormidium SP ETS05, is protected by a patent of the Paris Institute “Pasteur”; furthermore, the Ministry of Health ensures the quality and characteristics of the therapeutic Euganean mud, classifying it as 1st Superior Category.

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