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What does the word SPA really mean?

SPA is the name of a Belgian thermal town and it seems this name comes from the Latin acronym Salus Per Aquam, which means health (preserved and gained) through water. This naturally lead thermal centers to be the SPAs par excellence as thermal water has a therapeutic effect and revitalizes the body and mind..

We have proof of the human use of thermal pools dating the Bronze Age and many ancient populations, as the Egyptians, the Arabs and the Chinese, used thermal water to heal several pathologies and for wellness purposes. Ancient Romans knew about the healthy effects of thermal water and were sincerely fascinated by the Thermae: many of the ancient Roman cities would have public baths where they used to relax, take care of their own wellness, socialize and even carry out business.

Among the many thermal locations loved by the Ancient Romans, we find Terme Euganee, the iperthermal hot spring water pools’ area. During the Augustus Age, luxurious thermal buildings were built in the area right beneath the Euganean Hills: here the imperial nobles used to come on vacation to take care of themselves among the hot and cold baths. Trace of the Ancient Roman presence among Abano and Montegrotto is visible not only among the archeological excavations but also thanks to the use we still make of iperthermal water for wellness purposes.

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