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Where does our Thermal Water originates?

Despite the creation of the Euganean Hills is due to volcanic activity, our thermal waters are not given by the presence of hot magma after the last volcanic eruptions, millions of years ago – magma has now cooled down – but by the warmth of the earth and by the water circuit flowing in the subsoil from the Prealps (also called the “Small Dolomites”).
Rainwater enters in the ground through openings in the typical permeable limestone of the Small Dolomites, and flows downstream through deep cracks that extend to the Po Valley. The water flows then to the surface through faults created by the volcanic formation of the Euganean Hills.


During its journey in the subsoil, the water descends trough 3,000 meters of depth and, thanks to the geothermal gradient (the earth’s crust natural warming which brings the temperature of the earth to increase of about 3°C per 100 meter), it gains very high temperatures. As the water flows, it dissolves the salts in the rocks: these are the minerals that enhance the hot spring waters of the Terme Euganee Basin and which gives it its properties of Hyperthermal Salsobromoiodic Water.


What makes the Terme Euganee water unique is the warmth of the earth and the mineral salts it contains.

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