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Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
Terme Preistoriche s.r.l.
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Our wellness festival in Montegrotto: a festival of well-being

A truly exceptional wellness festival in Montegrotto awaits you during your spa stay at our hotel near Abano Terme. In our Neró Spa on a fabulous 1,200 m2, you will spend four days dedicated to a variety of events that put emphasis on wellness in all its forms.

Ready to celebrate wellness?

During the Neró Festival, the wellness festival in Montegrotto, normal admission prices apply. Please note: advance payment is required for entry to the water path, combined entry to pools and Neró Spa, as well as for Pass Festival. With a €25.00 surcharge on the combined Pools and Neró Spa ticket, you can enjoy unlimited access to the "Neró Spa" Water Path, take part in all events as part of our wellness festival at Montegrotto, and have a free Booster Spa to choose from: sauna in the hammam, head and shoulder massage or short foot reflexology in the relaxation room.

Events in Montegrotto: Unconventional wellness festival

Neró Festival is our wellness festival in Montegrotto for complete well-being. Discover everything else that awaits you here.


80 free anti-ageing facial treatments (of 30 minutes each) can be booked free of charge throughout our wellness festival in Montegrotto.


Free entry on five dates to explore the concept of wellness with writers and experts in the wellness sector during the spa festival.


Neró Spa New Experience is home to Neró Art Gallery, a unique and especially inspiring space dedicated entirely to art exhibitions.


Admire the sunset with great music in the panoramic relaxation room of Neró Spa water path during the wellness festival in Montegrotto.


Evening events as part of Neró Spa water path. To participate in the events, the entrance fee to “Neró Spa” water path must be paid.


Neró Experience events that take place during the Montegrotto wellness festival pledge an utterly unique wellness experience at our hotel and spa in Montegrotto. Want to take part in the rituals in the water path of Neró Spa? Simply purchase a ticket to this area. Involvement in the sound baths and Iyengar yoga classes, on the other hand, is completely free. Participation in the activities is by appointment and subject to availability.