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Hotel Terme Preistoriche is one of the first hotels of Montegrotto Terme, built at the beggining of the XXth Century. This thanks to the obstinacy and the talent of the founders: Agostino Braggion and his wife Elisa Bazzarin. With Emilio Friso, Agostino was also one of the founders of the town of Montegrotto Terme during the same period.

Agostino Braggion and his wife Elisa Bazzarin managed the hotel with Count Giustiniani’s help; it is him who the building the elegant aspect which has always characterized the hotel. Some years after the hotel’s opening, Elisa and Agostino’s daughter, Angelica Rosa Braggion, married Giorgio Stoppato.

The Stoppato family is still now running the hotel and the family management makes the environment welcoming and cozy. Guests are treated with care and full a attention is payed to their needs.

Built with the intention of hosting, in an elegant and fashionable health hostel, italian and foreign peerage, in Hotel Terme Preistoriche thermal treatments were not the only service available: also dancing evenings, buffets and concerts were organized for the guests in the veranda and outdoors at the feet of Colle Berta.
The hill is the protagonist of an ancient legend which tells about Queen Berta, mother of Charles the Great, who had decided to give to the able spinster Berta all the land she would have been able to encircle with the work done in one day. Her gift ended out to be the hill.

During World War II the Hotel became a military foothold and at the end of the world was renovated and divided into two parts: the main building is the current body of the Hotel Terme Preistoriche. Today, thanks to continuous attentions and renewal works, the Hotel preserves for its guests the original charm, offering also all modern comforts.


Through it’s name the Hotel reminds the long history of the Colli Euganei area, which has been occupied since the Paleo-Venetian Age by the Euganean population, which already knew about the therapeutic characteristics of the water, the mud and of the air emitted.

The ancient Romans had also created a system of baths and canalizations corresponding to the thermal water sources. Furthermore, the ancient populations who lived in the area, used to worship gods able to heal through the use of thermal-mineral water, the main cult was that of Aponus, who became the Roman god of medicine Apollo. To show gratitude, the populations used to offer to their gods votive statues that were normally left in a lake. The pieces found in the grounds where the Hotel is now are now shown with other ancient artifacts in archeological museums of the are, at the Museum of Este you may see the Braggion donation.

Many documents demonstrate that during almost all historical ages the thermal area of the Terme Euganee was well known and celebrated for its powerful healing properties. Many people came here to conduct scientific analysis and to undergo therapy sessions.


Today many come as guests to the Hotel Terme Preistoriche to heal a high number of pathologies, to relax and to receive beauty and wellness treatments which are particularly effective thanks to the thermal characteristics of the products used.

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