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15th August: a Party in honour of Summer Time!

Saturday 15th August, Mid Summer Party with live music and dances by the swimming pools!
Enjoy during the day fresh watermelon slices in the park, SPA relax and children animation and, during the evening and night, the big party with a cocktail and buffet dinner by the pool and live concert by the group Waterproof to dance and sing all sorts of music under the stars.

Tiziana Guerra > Voice
Riccardo Bertuzzi > Guitar
Andrea Balasso > Bass
Marco Andrighetto > Drums
Francesco Signorini > Keyboards

Waterproof is a group of professional musicians bound one to other by a long-date friendship and passion for music. The project has been created to bring together passion and friendship and to amuse listeners through the many music genres played: from classical pieces to funk and jazz, from soul to the ’70ies-’80ies disco music up to nowadays pieces all in a happy and light atmosphere with this “360° band”.

The event is both for Hotel guests and daily visitors. To book your entrance to the party, call the number +39 049 792477.

7.00 pm Entrance
8.00 pm Cocktail by the Chalet hot spring swimming pools
8.30 pm Buffet dinner in the park with music and dances.
Access to the concert and pool or only to the concert is also available.

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