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Easter and Easter Monday

This year spend Easter holidays at the Spa!

On Sunday 20th April – Easter day, for everyone’s joy Hotel Terme Preistoriche, as every year, will open and break the big traditional chocolate Easter egg to share with all its guests.
On Easter Monday, 21st April: Country Buffet Lunch by the pool and gospel concert with the group Blu Bordò.

And what about Easter eggs?
For who is curious to learn a little about the history of this tradition, you can read here a few words about it.
The chocolate-egg tradition is quite recent, but its roots recall ancient habits.
Decorated and coloured eggs, symbolizing life, have been traditional Easter gifts for many populations since Medieval times. The decorated eggs were often given to servants on Easter day by their masters. Rich people used instead to swap precious artificial eggs. The latter gift probably inspired Peter Fabergé for his precious “Fabergé Eggs” that contain a special and unique surprise right inside and that now are recognized as an artwork.
During 1900, finally, the tradition to give a chocolate egg with inside a small surprise on Easter day has spread throughout Europe.

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