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Your Contirbution for NGO Andrea Pescia

We thank all those who have chosen our Christmas Boxes. Thanks to their contribution and to that of all our guests and friends, we had the chance to contribute to the P.A.N.D.A. Project in the Escola Andrea Pescia, 200 meters from the Favela Garibaldi in Serrinha, Fortaleza – one of the poorest areas of North East of Brazil and of property of the NGO Association Andrea Pescia for Brazilian Children.

The founder, Bruno Pescia, explains that the P.A.N.D.A. Project is an “estabilished fact: with a new class of 30 children, the pupils will be more than 200, the majority enrolled in nursery school (age 3-5) and the rest (age 12-13) participating at the after school activites.
The children arrive at the Escola directly from the favela at 8 am with their mums. The kids have the possibility to wash and have breakfast before the singing, playing and lesson acitivities. They also have lunch and stay until 6 pm, when they go back to the favela with the elder ones, which arrive at 3 and have their own new area to have lunch and study.”

We thank you all once more for the precious contribution.
Those who wish to give a further contribution may contact directly the association by visiting the Andrea Pescia web-site.

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