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The wellness Angels have arrived!

It all started on a cold Thursday morning, when 4 unoccupied Angels discovered a magic place, able to offer a smile to who entered it: Terme Preistoriche.
A glance was enough for the 4 Angels to roll up their tunic sleeves and have finally a job on Earth: to be the 4 Wellness Angels.
With a junp they left their cloud in the sky and flew on Earth.

The first angel wanted to make sure everyone on Earth could have their own good day. Because of this he called himself The High Spirits Angel. With just a small piece of sun and a touch of serenity he knead a whole night and ended up with his own special gift able to offer smiles. He had given Wellness.

The second angel wanted to give tenderness and became The Cuddles’ Angel. He took loads of tenderness and a big amount of peace and mixed the two in a big hug. The result was an embracing gift, unforgettable like a caress. He also had given Wellness.

The third angel wanted to concentrate on love and was chosen to be The Lovers’ Angel. He took complicity, future and wishes and created a beautiful poem made of condivision and dreams. From the poem it resulted a joyful day full of cuddles for every lover. He had given love and Wellness.

The fourth angel had decided his task would have been care and to make sure everyone felt home with him, he chose as his name The Welcoming Angel. He started working and built a Home made of smiles, availability, comfort and efficiency and who received his gift entered in a magic and wonderful world where Wellness was felt everywhere.

All the Angels’ gifts are now treasured in a magic place, where they are now waiting to make happy who will receive them.
Contact the Hotel for your personalised Wellness Angel Christmas Gift.


The High Spirits Angel
Happy and cheerful, he is able to give sensations of peace with one’s self, with others and with the rest of the world helping to develop a graceful life. It instils the capability to appreciate everyday’s life little pleasures and gives a sense of relax.

The Cuddles’ Angel
Tender and lovable, it has a positive influence on the body and spirit and gives a pleasing sensation of tenderness. It is able to get rid of stress from everyday’s life and to give a general sense of wellness.

The Lovers’ Angel
Cheerful and trustful, it helps to conquer the beloved person. It gives the capacity, to who is treasuring tender dreams, to share feelings of love and complicity. It is able to unite beloved ones and to give joy and wellness.

The Welcoming Angel
It lives in a magic and sunny world where it always knows how to welcome others and make them feel Home offering every comfort and spoiling them with all kindnesses and attentions. He is a friendly and welcoming angel who loves company and “bella vita” in a relaxed place.

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