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Pomegranate: miraculous fruit and great taste

Our ancestors considered pomegranate as one of the cures for all ills and it is right to say that they actually had a point! The best way to appreciate this fruit and to take on its nutritional properties is through its juice.

The ellagic acid and flavonoids of which pomegranate is naturally rich of, make this a perfect food to fight cancer cells and prevent tumors. Pomegranate also has an anti-aging effect, but its healing properties do not stop to anti-oxidants: being rich in vitamins, pomegranate juice also counteracts infections and bacteria that normally cause them and is a strong anti-flu remedy. Furthermore, pomegranate has an anti-coagulant effect which decreases the risk of atherosclerosis and of other cardiovascular diseases, which contributes to maintain low the blood pressure, and which helps the synthesis of cholesterol by reducing LDL.

As always, we should not exaggerate in eating this fruit, which in excessive quantities could cause annoying side effects, furthermore it is also better to be prudent with this fruit in case you are assuming particular medicaments.

Try the fresh juice of pomegranate at the bar La Piazzetta by the Chalet swimming pool: the juice is great on its own with a few ice cubes, but also in cocktails!

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