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Discover all about Oysters with the “Healty Path”!

In December 2015, we have opened the Oyster Bar, a new cosy corner by the pool where you can have a break and enjoy a shabby-chic aperitif. One of traditional venetian “spuncetti” that you can try are oysters; lets get to know them better!


Oysters contain a quite high concentration of retinol equivalents (vitamin A) and vitamin B12 (8 times that possessed by beef). A good variety of minerals is also contained in oyesters: zinc, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, omega 3 and phosphorus are present in big quantities while as, being a food low in calories and energy, fats and sugars are quite scarce.

Oysters are recommended to those who are following a diet to loose weight. These shellfish reinforce the immune system and the healing process, facilitate the functioning of cells and strengthen nails, hair and skin.

On the other hand, oysters are not suitable for those suffering from high cholesterol and high blood pressure and are not recommended for pregnant women. Finally, a moderate use is always recommend, especially to who has a reduced digestive capacity.

Oysters are a very valuable and much appreciated shellfish in the Mediterranean Sea countries and can be eaten both raw and cooked; the price differs greatly depending on the origin, variety and availability. There are different types of oysters, the most used and known are the Common and the Pacific oysters.

A last curiosity about oysters: during the seventeenth century a pharmaceutical preparation based on “oyster shell powder” was used to calm the nerve system, to heal arthritis, rheumatism and “love pains”.

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