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Our Restaurants

In the Terme Preistoriche Hotel complex you may find two restaurants. The traditional one is placed inside the hotel, in an elegant large hall with a lacunar ceiling and plaster works and patterns. Here the guests may try our chef’s Alberto Lazzarini delicious dishes and the wines suggested by Maître Roberto Podda and his staff.


Preistorichino, the restaurant by the pool, is placed by the Chalet swimming-pools. Here salads, sandwiches and cold dishes, along with plates from the à-la-carte-menu are served. Lunches and dinners are by the pool, to eat at ease without leaving the thermal area while still wearing swimming suit and bathrobe.

The cooking is fine and tasteful, with choices picked from traditional local dishes and more studied recipes, a choice of vegan and vegetarian possibilities is offered too along with ayurvedic  dishes. In case of diabetics, coelichia and food allergies it is possible to have personalized dishes. Please, in this case or if vegan, give notice when booking your stay.


Occasionally thematic evenings with special menus, tastings, ethnic or candle light dinners are also organized.


The “Percorso Salute”, our “Health Topic Path”

Nowadays we are more and more aware that our health is highly connected to nutrition habits. Hotel Terme Preistoriche proposes to its guests the “Percorso Salute – Health Topic Path”, a small handbook about Natural Cuisine, thought purposely to help its guests in choosing a balanced and correct diet from the daily menu.


At the dining table our guests will find a leaflet with useful advices in order to choose a daily healthy menu ad practical advices to enjoy always a good health. Also from the menu of the bistrot Preistorichino, a selection of salads and smoothies is suggested.

The ingredients used are all of first choice and often dishes are made with fresh local organic ingredients.

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