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Baby Swimming Classes at the SPA

On Thursday and Sunday morning, at the Chalet thermal pool of Piscine Preistoriche, it is possible to take part at the baby swimming lessons for children of age 3 months up to 3 years.
The classes, done with one or both parents and a professional trainer whose task is to assist the parents and show them the exercises for their child, in order to help the baby’s development and to give a first approach to movement education, last 45 minutes.
It is possible to take part in one or more classes after having contacted the instructor, Mariam (+39 340 9137032).
Baby swimming uses methods which lead to an harmonic development and it is often suggested once the child has had its first compulsory vaccinations and visits.

The babies who has the occasion to develop new motor abilities, such as the ones needed to swim, is more confident with its body and mind and feels a general sense of well-being, increased by the nice sensation of warm thermal water.
Also parents feel the benefits of the classes, as the lessons represent a pleasant moment of relation with the child spent out of daily routine and become a moment to play together.

From birth, babies have an “involuntary swimming reflex” which leads to move arms and legs with no awareness. This reflex is transformed in a voluntary act in the moment the cortical centers mature, between 4 and 14 months of age; as a consequence, when the baby is very small it doesn’t need to learn how to swim, as it is an instinctive (and positive) reaction.
The baby, once in the thermal water, feels a pleasant sensation which reminds the one felt before birth, at the same time the baby is in a new environment but, thanks to the memory of the womb and to the body-equilibrium normally felt in water, the child feels at ease.

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