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Take Care of Yourself with Self-Shiatsu and Do-In

The Japanese term Shiatsu indicates the “finger pressure” typical of the manual therapy that the Japanese mainstream medicine presents as Oriental osteopathy. Its aim is to restore a correct circulation in the body of the vital energy, allowing you to reduce stress and stimulate the immune system.

Do-In means “introduction of external vital energies in your own physical and spiritual self” and its purpose is the care of the self through the awareness of the self and the stimulation of the meridians with acupressure, massage, breath, meditation and stretching.


Finger pressure, body movements and breathing exercises and stretching of Do-In and Self-Shiatsu done to rebalance the meridians may be used to practice self-massages with different purposes, for example increase concentration, stop a headache and lead the body to relax or find energy.

Meridian adjustment may be performed very effectively by any persone who has some time and attention to devote to its wellness: once you master the movements, Do-In and Self-Shiatsu can be practiced at home.
Every Friday afternoon, from 6.00 to 6.45 pm you may join the Self-Shiatsu and Do-In lesson, only the entrance ticket is required. Comfortable clothing, such as t-shirt and shorts is recommended.

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